Fulia (Fried Cumin Bread)

When you are at home, there is goat curry waiting for you, and you are bored with traditional rice and roti, then why not whip up some Fried Cumin Bread a.k.a Fulia.

I remember eating Goat curry (Gosht) Fulia on a Sunday night with my extended family as a child. In the afternoon the my mom, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and sister would get together and make buckets full of Fulia to eat with Gosht and have some left over for tea the next morning. Some of us would roll out balls, someone would fry, someone would package them, it was a whole family affair!

Fulia (Fried Cumin Bread)


  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 4 tsp Active yeast
  • Water
  • Whole cumin seed
  • Whole wheat flour


  1. In warm water mix in sugar, active yeast, and mix until yeast has dissolved; let that rest for about 5 minutes or until yeast is foamy
  2. While yeast is activating, sift wheat flour into a mixing bowl
  3. Add ghee, olive oil, and whole cumin seeds, and mix well
  4. Add the activated yeast water to flour mixture and combine until a solid ball forms
  5. At this stage more warm water may be needed to form a loaf
  6. Spread loaf in the mixing bowl and make holes with your fingers
  7. Cover and store in a warm area so dough can rise
  8. Check dough after about 15-20; the dough should be double
  9. Kneed the dough forming a ball and make 1 inch balls
  10. With a rolling pin roll out dough about 4 times so they are small, round, and about 1 cm thick
  11. While you are rolling out the fulia, heat oil in a deep frying pan
  12. Throw a small piece of dough into oil to test if oil is hot; the dough should sizzle then float to the top
  13. Add a few rolled fulia into hot oil and cook until they open up and are a golden brown
  14. Stack them in a tissue lined container
  15. Serve with your favorite curry or have some with your morning tea

** Store left over Fulia in airtight container

** The left overs (if there are any) last about a week

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