Hi, my name is Shreena and I am always hungry. When I sit for a meal, I indulge myself with the freshest recipes. I live for meals that leave lasting impressions. When I’m inspired to make a meal or a dish, I brainstorm. I pick a dish and research 5-10 different ways to bring that recipe to life. I add and eliminate ingredients in order cater to the audience being served, making the recipe unique in my own way.

Growing up in a full-house of 13, there was plenty of food to go around, with plenty of people to learn from. After mastering the art of Indian flavors, from the lovely ladies in my life; grandmother, mother, and aunt I took the next step and started to dabble in all cuisines around the world.

Friends and family claim enjoy my cooking and always ask me for the recipes. With a little push from my husband, I started this blog and I am here to share my creations with the world. (Or even out of this world)

When I’m, So Hungry… please, Feed Me!

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